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To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing to petition for reinstatement at XXX University. I have been placed on academic suspension since fall 2012 quarter due to my failure in maintaining above a 2.0 cumulative GPA. My academic suspension did not come as a surprise but I was nonetheless devastated to receive this news. I hope you will consider reinstating me for the winter 2014 quarter.

I take full responsibility for my poor academic performance in the year. The time I was at the university I had various problems stemming from things that weren’t in control. I had various vehicle problems that prevented me from being in class every day, which led me to not passing my classes. I didn’t have any other way to get to school, because I live an hour away, and the closet bus to the college is a 20 minute drive. The vehicle problems that I had, was that my windshield wipers motor blow out, which during the time of the year the weather was pouring down rain, and I in no way could have driven my car safely, without inflicting damage to my vehicle or someone else’s vehicle. When the weather got better I quickly had my windshield wipers fixed, and then I had another setback when my alternator gave out. I had to borrow money from family to get it fixed. Having numerous car troubles, I over the year, I decided to get a more reliable car. So, I borrow more money from family to make down payment on a more reliable vehicle.

Do to these circumstances, that were not in my control, I received poor grades in Physics and I had to drop my other classes, because I fell too far behind, which resulted in a low GPA. Faced with academic suspension, I have realized that I will get a more reliable vehicle, which I have, and I will have to start all over to get back on track, which I intend to do, from here on out. I have decided to switch my major from computer engineering to environmental science, because I feel that my long-term academic goals lie more with science than with computer engineering.

I have consulted with an advisor and his suggestion, was to reduce the amount of classes to 12 credits so that it will be manageable for me to raise my GPA. Having this long yearlong lay off, I have got a more reliable vehicle, and I have found personal one on one  tutoring options that will help raise my GPA, and do better this quarter and the following quarter til I complete my degree.  If reinstated, I plan on going to tutoring after class, utilizing office hours, and completing available extra credit assignments in order to achieve good academic standing. I believe I will do much better in the winter quarter if reinstated, and achieve good academic standing. I will try my best to not just meet XXX’s academic standards, but to exceed them. Thank you for considering this petition.

Reference no: EM13138187

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