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Essay Assignment: Compare and Contrast Essay

Length: 4 FULL double-spaced pages + References page- approx. 1000 words

In this essay, you will choose two products (including tools that might be used in your field, media productions or other entertainment, like movies, restaurants, etc.) to compare and contrast. Locate two professional reviews, one for each product, to incorporate in your essay. The body of your essay (not including references and the title page) should be around 4 double-spaced pages, or approximately 1000 words.

Based on the reviews and your own observations, make a recommendation or judgment about the two items that you compare and contrast. This opinion will be the thesis of your essay and should be fully developed. It is not enough to say that X is better than Y; you also need to summarize in your thesis the reasons supporting your recommendation. It is also possible to say that X and Y are both good (or both bad), but that some consumers or audiences might have different preferences based on the details you provide.

You must incorporate your research into your essay, including at least one direct quote and citing your sources wherever they are used. Review the course resources on organizing compare/contrast essays to help structure your ideas. Your essay will be graded with the provided rubric.

Your paper should be in APA format. Use the following as a checklist:

• Place your essay's original title, your name, and the university's name on the title page.
• Put the page number in top right-hand corner.
• Make sure all margins are set at 1 inch all the way around.
• Use double line spacing throughout the entire essay using paragraph formatting.
• Do not insert extra spaces between paragraphs.
• Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
• Indent the start of every paragraph one tab space.
• Use a page break to make the References page a separate page at the end of the essay.

Reference no: EM131341684

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