Largest positive octal number that can be stored in pdp-9

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Data was stored in the PDP-9 computer using six-digit octal notation. Negative numbers were stored in 8's complement form.

a. How many bits does six-digit octal represent? Show that 8's complement octal and 2's complement binary are exactly equivalent.

b. What is the largest positive octal number that can be stored in this machine?

c. Write a little man program that accepts three values as input and produces the largest of the three outputs. Explaining your steps

Reference no: EM1352697

Repetitions of the data argument

The function should return an array containing repetitions of the data argument. For instance, replicate_recur(3, 5) or replicate_iter(3,5) should return [5,5,5]. If the tim

Description and enrollment count

List any student who has enrolled in the same course multiple times. Display student_name, course description and enrollment count. The answer listed below is not correct.

To assist with troubleshooting network systems

To assist with troubleshooting network systems, you want to create a batch file that automatically runs common command-line tools and logs that information to a text f

Describing equivalence relation

Let X = Z × (Z {0}). Define the relation  on X by (x, y)  (z, t) ↔ xt = yz for every (x, y), (z, t) ∈ X. Show that this is an equivalence relation on X.

Handling the exception tl

Consider the function fun g(l) = hd(l) : : tl(l) handle Hd => nil; that behaves like the identity function on lists. The result of evaluating g(nil) is nil. Explain why. Wh

What http header is needed in each case

Is it possible to dynamically generate JavaScript or CSS files for webpages? If so, how would you code a myjs.php or a mycss.php file? What HTTP header is needed in each cas

Determine whether it has increased labor productivity

They want to develop microeconomic parameters that CIOs can take to their boards of directors as proof that they are cutting costs.67 Thus, while economists still debate the

Declare an arraylist named taxrates

Declare an ArrayList named taxRates of five elements of type Double and initialize the elements (starting with the first) to the values 0.10 , 0.15 , 0.21 , 0.28 , 0.31 ,


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