Is there information available on the internet

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1. What sources of outside professional assistance would you consider using to help with marketing research?

2. Is there information available on the Internet that might be helpful?

3. What research questions do you need answers to?

Reference no: EM131384937

Case baxter coming to work right next to you

Manufacturing constitutes a $2 trillion sector of the U.S. economy. For the past 60 years, worker productivity in the manufacturing sector has increased by about 3.7 percent

Case on mean-spirited neighbour

CASE: Dan lived next door to a mean-spirited neighbour, Bubba, who constantly complained about Dan and his family? Eventually Dan decided to sell his house and hired Rob, a re

How else will you differentiate your products or services

Given how products and prices are displayed, how can your offering show a differential advantage if there is a price difference? As prices reach parity on the Internet, how

Explains the reason behind people noticing akers

Alicia Akers works as a marketing executive. She always talks in a high pitch and often draws a lot of attention wherever she is. Which of the following statements best expl

Briefly describe the health issue of the study focus

Please use the questions provided in this guide to analyse one of the journal articles reporting (available in the assessment tab on vUWS). Background of the study - Briefly

Key elements of current risk management standards

Outline the purpose of key elements of current risk management standards. Outline the legislative and regulatory context of the organization in relation to risk management

Practical change management a practical exercise

"Culture" evolves from and sets boundaries for interactions between people in an environment defined by rules, rule enforcement, and the example set by leadership. Conversel

Modify the model so that the size of each rail fleet

Modify the model so that the size of each rail fleet can be constrained to a pre-specified upper limit. Find the smallest rail fleet size that results in an accept able serv


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