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You are a group of community activists in a small city. Recently you have become aware that a substantial number of teenagers have been running away from home or have become "throw-aways" when their parents have abandoned them. Most of these run-aways/throw-aways leave the community for larger cities where you suspect they become victims of all the dangers waiting for "street kids". You want very much to prevent this from happening. You want to provide them with an "anchor in the community" that will prevent them from running away and will give them stability, especially to complete their education.

You have already approached the county Family Services agency and were disappointed to learn that they had little or no interest in your project. You have decided to create a small, not-for-profit 501C-3 agency and pursue the project yourselves.

Prepare a report for your small group.

Review the youth services regulations for the group's target state.New York State

Summarize key points from these regulations that you think will be important as your group designs its outcomes, its process, its information system and its methods of evaluation.

Share your ideas with the small group.

Reference no: EM131021818

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