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Topic #1: The Influence of Branding on Consumers (okay) Farmers trading company began in 1909 and is one of New Zealand's most successful department store chains. The company has experienced reduced profit margins in recent years due to increasing competition from online shopping. The managing directors, Anne and David Norman, would like to understand more about brands and branding to improve its shopping experience, the company's image, and its profitability. As a result, they have commissioned you to write a report discussing the reasons why brands are important to individual consumers. In your report, they would also like you to discuss any issues surrounding brands and the changing diversity of New Zealand's population. Farmers requests that you provide recommendations for improving its marketing strategy for maintaining and introducing brands throughout its 58 stores nationwide.

Topic #2: Employment in Small-to-Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) New Zealand is a country comprised of a large percentage of small-to¬medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which provides unique challenges for the nation's economic growth.

One of the challenges is fostering employment opportunities for all New Zealanders, especially as many people have moved to Australia for better job prospects. What is an SME? What types of businesses are SMEs? Now has globalisation affected New Zealand's SMEs? What are the unique contributions that SMEs provide and challenges that they face? What steps can SMEs take to improve the employment situation in New Zealand? Massey University Professor of Enterprise Development, Claire Massey, would like you to write a report discussing these issues that affect all New Zealanders and not just the SMEs themselves.

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Reference no: EM13262824

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