Illustrate what it means to be a true friend
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Writing Assignment: Illustration Essay

You are required to submit the FINAL copy of this assignment, but you may first submit an optional DRAFT. This will allow you to receive qualitative feedback that can inform your revision. You should always avoid focusing solely on the grader's DRAFT feedback; use the feedback as a supplement to the course lessons and your own revision ideas. Always expect to revise beyond what the DRAFT grader specifically notes.

In short, an illustration essay will use clear, interesting examples to show, explain, and support a thesis statement (remember, your thesis is your main argument, or the main point you're trying to make). One key to an effective illustration essay is to use enough details and specific examples to make your point effectively. In other words, descriptive writing is key.

You have several options for this assignment, so you will need to choose one:

1. Illustrate the ideal work environment. If everything was perfect at work, what would it be like? Describe everything in this environment-perhaps from the dispositions of your coworkers and supervisors to what clothes you wear to work.

2. Illustrate what it means to be a "true friend." What does being a "true friend" mean to you? What "true friends" have you had, and how do their actions coincide with being your definition of a "true friend?"

3. Illustrate how your favorite team or player received their current standing or ranking. How did the team or player do in the most recent season? What qualities did this team or player demonstrate to earn this ranking?

4. Look at your favorite poem or short story, and use illustration to explain what makes it your favorite. Do you enjoy the author's  language? Do you enjoy the storyline? What else do you enjoy that makes it your favorite?

5. Illustrate the purpose of props on the set of your favorite media production. What props are there? Why are they important?

6. Illustrate how to create your favorite dish. What steps are required to create this dish? Be sure that you take your audience through this process step by step!

7. Illustrate how to play your favorite game. What steps and/or actions are necessary to play this game? Take your readers through the motions, step by step.

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