Identify the role of kindergartens

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- To identify the role of kindergartens in developing the values of pre-school children.

- To develop an educational curriculum for bilingual kindergarten to be able to do its duty to the fullest educational.

- To develop a teaching method that combines both concepts: play and learn, in order to enhance the cognitive development of bilingual children.

Studying the Child Development at the Master's degree opens several doors for me to discover the other aspects of educating children. I learned that it is not about caring only; it is also about sharing, educating, parenting, and upbringing a child who is a fundamental part of any great and successful society. As a child developmental, we are equally important with Researchers, Engineers, and Doctors. The reason is that we build societies by educating the prospective generations.

Being a Saudi woman, I aim for a radical change in understanding and implementing the concept of child development in Saudi Arabia. This change will be achieved by continuing studying this felid to be more versed of child development, and applying that during the study. In fact, am a child who is never went to kindergarten, never taught to share things, never be socially engaged with others out of my comfort zone even my siblings. A result of all that, I grow up love doing things by myself, not understanding the concept of participation. And other problems that by the time still suffer form. However, most of girls at my age, who went to kindergarten, had no better performances neither academically, nor socially. This means that the kindergarten did not impact them.

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Reference no: EM13257880

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