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The goal of this homework assignment is to set up and solve a Transportation Model problem in MS Excel using the Solver Add-in. MS Excel provides users with the Solver Add-in, giving them super powers to solve linear, integer, and nonlinear optimization problems.

The Transportation model is a special case of Linear Programming (LP). The key to solving LP on a spreadsheet is to:

  • Set up a worksheet that tracks everything of interest (e.g., costs, distance, capacity, demand).
  • Identify decision variables...that is, cells that will change in solving the LP.
  • Identify the objective function...the target cell that will be maximized, minimized, or set to.
  • Identify the constraints.
  • Use the MS Excel Solver Add-in to solve the problem.
  • The optimal solution to our problem...that is, optimal values for decision variables...will be placed on the spreadsheet.

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Reference no: EM131327975

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