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The criteria is as follows: The research proposal is just that; a proposal. That is, the student is being asked to select a topic (say gang prevention), and then develop a proposal which seeks funding (for example) in order to support the establishment of a gang proposal (as an example). The paper is divided in sections. These include, but are not limited to, the hypothesis (intent of the study), literature review (the longest section of the paper which includes citations about what others have said or written about the topic), and methodology (how you plan to approach the topic). Also, the paper should include a segment on design. That is, what type of timeline and design will you follow. This is a paper which is very different from others as it is not typical of an intro/body and conlusion sections, which some of you may be used to writing. This, instead, is a proposal to study a topic, conduct an evaluation, or propose the implementation of a program. The paper has to be approx. 4-6 pages. The topic is on cyberbullying and the effects on crime.

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