How to calculate h function for next selection

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We have to assign problem ticket to expert with maximum matching and minimum makespan or time so have to generate matching degree and solve time randomly in advance after this we have to use multi objectives A*star algorithm to solve this problem A* Algorithm is for path finding algorithm but we have to design for assignment problem a*star algorithm have combination of g and h function g we already know but difficulty is h function how to calculate h function for next selection.

Reference no: EM132398539

What is meant by multiple indexing

What is meant by multiple indexing? How do insertion and deletion operations for a sorted data file differ from those for an unsorted data file that has a sorted index? What

What kind of sort you would use for a given situation

Discuss when you would use a sort and what kind of sort you would use for a given situation. Reply to others with support for or arguments against their proposal of sort usage

Work out the matching determined by the coda

There are six students, A, B, C, D, E, and F, and three colleges, X, Y, and Z, each with room for two students. The student preferences are given in Table 1 and the college

What happens to the complexity of the algorithm

A student proposes to omit the sending of ( nys, w ) messages from Algorithm 4. 6. Is it possible to modify the algorithm in this way? What happens to the complexity of the al

Explain sorting algorithm which is optimal in cost

Explain a sorting algorithm which is optimal with respect to this cost model and uses O(n) space. That is, time used by algorithm should exactly match lower bound

Determine complete list of nodes which ancestor

Let the following tree: tree a. Determine the children of Q? b. What is the complete list of nodes which have D as ancestor? c. Determine the height of this tree (as height

Algorithm to decide flavor of ice cream from three option

A group of ten people require to decide which one flavor of ice cream they will all order, out of three options. The algorithm can question and re-question participants.

Explain two possible solution-fill in blank squares by words

The objective is to fill in blank squares using words from the list. Your task is to formulate problem as constraint satisfaction problem. Explain two possible solutions.


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