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Part -1:

Performance Management Systems and Motivation

Throughout this unit, you may be discovering new ways that organisations manage performance. How would you do it? Some may respond with a performance management system, and others may say a performance appraisal. While many may think they are the same, they are indeed different. Performance management systems are the processes that organisations use to analyse and develop the employees' skills and capabilities. Organisations implement these systems to improve employees' performance on a long-term basis. On the other hand, performance appraisals, also referred to as performance evaluations, evaluate the performance or the skills of employees. They are just one component of the performance management process. (Lussier and Hendon, 2013)

Many organisations align rewards within their performance management systems to motivate their employees. Rewards can be provided to employees that reach organisational goals, objectives and/or continually contribute to the organisational vision as demonstrated in their performance appraisals. The use of rewards focuses on both the extrinsic motivation (financial reward and benefits) and intrinsic motivation (employee recognition) of employees (Wilton, 2011). Yet, the use of rewards can have a negative impact by creating perceptions of bias and lack of fairness. Consider the impact that a rewards system may have on employees within your scenario organisation. In this Individual Assignment, you will analyse the relationship between motivation and performance management systems. You will also evaluate a performance management system in the context of your scenario organisation.


To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

- Review the Unit Introduction and the Learning Resources, including the HR/OB Matrix.

- Conduct library research to identify relevant and current academic literature beyond your Learning Resources.

- Select a performance appraisal system you would implement in your scenario organisation and consider how its use may impact motivation within your scenario organisation.

To complete this Individual Assignment:

- Write a 2- to 3- page critical analysis on the effects of performance management systems on employee motivation. Your analysis should include:

o A description of your selected performance appraisal system and its components (e.g., evaluation, reflection, rewards).
o A critical evaluation of the system within the context of your scenario organisation. Include the potential strengths and limitations of using the system for your assigned organisation.

o An analysis of how the performance management system may impact motivation in your scenario organisation in the following areas:

o The performance appraisal process (goal setting, evaluating performance and conducting reviews)

o Different categories and levels of employees

o Manager bias

- Support your Individual Assignment with current academic literature beyond your Learning Resources.

Part -2:

Develop your HRM Consultancy Report.

Akbar and Sons, launched and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a family-owned oil company with a rich tradition of social responsibility. BP Oil acquires Akbar and Sons. BP will send senior managers to the UAE Akbar headquarters for 3-6 months. After that, current Akbar managers will need to travel frequently to the UK, where BP will oversee operations. The average age of Akbar employees is 46. Through working together for several years, they have become a very close team and all share a common Islamic faith. BP retains all Akbar employees, and Mr. Akbar and his son have the option to leave or to fulfil senior management roles within the BP organisation, frequently travelling or relocating to the UK.

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Reference no: EM13670715

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