How much objective function coefficient decreases

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Implement the following LP model in a spreadsheet. Use Solver to solver the problem and create a Sensitivity Report. Use this information to answer the following questions.

MAX: 2Xi + 4X2
Subject to: -X! + 2X2 < 8
Xi + 2X2 < 12
Xi+ X2> 2 Xi,X2> 0

a. Which of the constraints are binding at the optimal solution?

b. Is the optimal solution to this problem unique, or is there an alternate optimal solution?

c. What is the optimal solution to this problem if the value of the objective function coefficient for variable Xi is zero?

d. How much can the objective function coefficient for variable X2 decrease before changing the optimal solution?

e. Given the objective in this problem, if management could increase the RHS value for any of the constraints for identical costs, which would you choose to increase and why?

Reference no: EM1357498

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