How much mix is needed to make each amount

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If q is the number of quarts of lemonade, than 1/4 q can be used to find the number of cups of lemonade mix needed to make the lemonade. How much mix is needed to make each amount of lemonade?

Reference no: EM13204817

How much should he be willing to pay for this policy

Using life insurance tables, a retired man determines that the probability of living 5 more years is 0.91. He decides to take out a life insurance policy that will pay $31,0

Equation that connects the height h and radius

a) Give the total cost as a function of the height H and radius R.Use units of metres for both H and R.Note that it is case sensitive - you must use exactly the variable nam

Which figure has the largest perimeter

Eight square tiles are laid out on a table so that they make a solid pattern. Each tile must touch at least one other tile along an entire edge. The squares all have sides o

Mathematics transportation model

Mathematics - A 3 x 3 transportation model, Cammile, a fruit dealer, sells fruits to customers in Mani, Pampan, and Paciz. The monthly demand is 4000 kilos in Mani, 2500 kil

How many reflections will light make before exiting hall

Two 3.0 meter-tall planar mirrors are placed facing and parallel to each other 0.75 m apart. If a ray of light just passes the bottom edge of one mirror and strikes the othe

Defining properties of a standard brownian motion

1. State five key defining properties of a standard Brownian motion. 2. Outline the advantages and disadvantages of using the continuous time lognormal model for stock pric

Fundamental result about polynomials

We will now prove a fundamental result about polynomials: every non-zero polynomial of degreen (over a field F) has at most n roots. If you don't know what a field is, you c

Graphs of rational functions and in particular asymptotes

In photography fixed focal length means that the focal length is not adjustable. Photographers are unable to zoom in and out on a particular subject when using such a lens.


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