How might a manager positively utilize a performance plan
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Discuss the does and don'ts of effective reference checking.

Developing behavioral interview questions tailored to the job/organization culture being filled allows the employer to make a valid selection and feel relatively confident that the candidate will be a good fit.

Defend or oppose this assertion based on your new knowledge acquired to this point in the course.

What can a company do to communicate its culture to prospective new hires? Describe how you have observed culture communicated in an organization.

What are the differences between behavioral, situational, and panel interviewing? When would it be appropriate to use each? Provide examples to support your answer.

There are many possible staffing tools to help forecast later job performance. How do you decide which ones to use?

What can managers do to overcome employee defensiveness during the performance feedback discussion? What steps should be taken to minimize the potential of an unsatisfactory meeting?

At my Company when an employee falls short or performance objectives over a period of time, a performance development plan is established. Initially, the plan is an informal but structured process. If the employee is successful, then there is ongoing support, less structured with follow-up in 30 days. If the employee is unsuccessful, a formal performance plan is developed which sets expectations for improvement within the time frame (typically 30 days) or the employee may be exited from the Company.

How might a manager positively utilize a performance plan with an employee who is not meeting expectations?

What is the difference between performance management and performance appraisal? How have you seen both used in your organization?

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