How key conflict corresponds to a characters development

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In order to complete this discussion, you will need to read Sharon E. Cooper's Mistaken Identity:

Reflect: In the "Tragedy" discussion this week, you explored the function of conflict in a tragedy and how the conflict is enhanced by certain literary elements and techniques. In this discussion activity, you will focus on comedy. Reflect on Mistaken Identity: A Ten Minute Play. This is a modern comedy that centers on the quest for love and understanding. Consider whether the function of the conflict in this play and the way the literary elements and techniques enhance the conflict is different from what we studied in Macbeth.

Write: The initial post must be 200 to 300 words in length. In your initial post:

· State a conflict that you see present in Mistaken Identity: A Ten Minute Play (please refer to the list of conflicts)
· Respond to one of the following, providing examples or quotations from the play to illustrate your ideas:
· Describe a key conflict in the play and how it corresponds to a character's development.
· Describe two key literary techniques and elements and techniques of drama that aid in developing the conflict.
· Explain how and why the conflict in this comedy is different from and/or similar to the conflict explored in tragedy.

Reference no: EM131199943

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