How in-depth or general is the coverage of content

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Essay: Science, Technology, and Society Pathway Research Essay

For this essay, please compose a 5 to 7-page (not including Annotated Bibliography) MLA formatted argumentativeresearch-basedessay that focuses on a currentdebate in the areasof science or technology.You will be expected to synthesize information from credible sources to construct an academic argument and provide compelling evidence to support your thesis, consisting of a well-developed, direct claim. You are also expected to prove that you understand the complexity of the topic by addressing and refuting all reasonable counter-arguments, using persuasive language and credible source citations. Your essay should include MLA in-text citations and should be thoroughly proofread, free of spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

There are many components to this assignment:

- The topic must be debatable (choose a topic that you can stay focused and interested and easily complete all phases of this assignment)
- The argument must avoid logical fallacies
- The essay must use cite5 sources from the CSUF databases only.
- Each student must attend anindividual conference. Please bring an outline or rough draft of your essay as well as the completed Research Notes assignment.
- An Annotated Bibliographymust be included in the same file withyour final draft when you upload it on
- The essay may include up to 3 reasonably sized visual aids (charts, graphs, etc.) from database sourcesas supporting evidence (optional).
- Refer to the online guide by the OWL at Purdue by Googling {OWL MLA}.

Sources and where to find them:

Newspapers & Magazines: LexisNexis Academic, EBSCOhost, CQ Researcher, Gale Opposing Viewpoints

Academic Journals: EBSCOhost, JSTOR, Science Journal Online

Books: Library Catalog, EBSCOhost, Springer eBook Collection, Gale Virtual Reference Library

Statistical Data: Rand California

Research Topic Ideas: CQ Researcher, Gale Opposing Viewpoints

*If you need help finding sources for your essay, please contact a librarian at: or call 657-278-3284.

*This assignment meets all 6 of the General Education Core Competency requirements: 1.B Written Communication (listed on page one of your course syllabus).

Source Notes Assignment

Complete oneper source. Answer in complete sentences, digitally.

1. What type of document is the source? Example: Book, Academic Journal, Magazine Article, etc.

2. When was the source published? Is the source current or historical? Is the information outdated due to shifts in accepted knowledge?

3. How useful is the source for your essay? Explain the specific information from the source that you will use to support your claim.

4. What are the credentials of the author? What are their academic affiliations?

5. Who published or sponsored the source? What type of audience is the source addressing?

6. What is the purpose of the source? Why was the work written?

7. How in-depth or general is the coverage of content?

8. How objective or subjective is the information? Look for bias, assumptions, agenda, etc.

9. Is this a primary or secondary source?

10. What type of graphics (if any) are included? (charts, graphs, illustrations, photographs, etc.) How do they help you understand the information presented? Will you use the graphic in your own essay for support?

Reference no: EM131341258

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