How has your understanding of managing the value chain

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You are required to write an essay that captures your thoughts following a critical reflection on your experience whilst completing this subject. What major learning on managing the value chain could you apply in practice as a manager in your organisation? Your essay should also capture your learning experience from participating in the group project and presentation, your individual assignment, your discussions in the tutorials and workshops, and any other issues you consider relevant in your study of managing the value chain.

This list of questions below may be useful in your critical reflection. These are suggestions only. You can certainly address issues that are not in this list:

- How has your understanding of managing the value chain changed as you progressed through the subject?

- Has what you have learned in this subject created an increased awareness of the importance of managing the value chain? Explain your reasons.

You have participated in a number of group activities and discussions. How have these discussions influenced your views and/or knowledge on managing the value chain?

How you will use your learning from the subject in your workplace?

Are there any other aspects you have reflected on that are not included above?

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Reference no: EM13749951

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