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Write a one-page essay that explains 2 of the 6 characteristics of interpersonal communication and illustrate how each one is demonstrated in your communication style.

Include at least one quotation from your research. Cite your source in APA format. 12 font in Times new roman with cover page double spaced.

Elements of Interpersonal Communication It has been explained that communication is a process. The participants and elements of that process include the following: sender, receiver, message, channel, feedback, environment and noise.

The sender is the source, or originator, of the interpersonal communication. The receiver is the recipient of the communication. In a conversation, two people exchange the role of the sender and the receiver very rapidly.

The message is the actual content of the communication itself. It's the idea the sender wants to communicate to the receiver. The channel refers to the medium in which the message is sent from the sender to the receiver. If the communication is via email, the Internet is the channel; if it is via telephone, the phone lines are the channel.

In person, the air is the medium or channel. Feedback is defined as the information the sender gets from the receiver in response to the message.

It can be non-verbal, such as a head nod indicating understanding or it can be verbal w hen the receiver says, "I don't understand what you mean." Feedback is very important in determining if the communication was effective or if we need to repeat or change the message to be sure it is correctly understood.

Environment refers to the external environment where the communication takes place. Lastly, noise refers to anything that interferes or disrupts the communication process.

For example, it could be actual noise at a busy restaurant, making it difficult for the receiver to hear the message, or it can be psychological noise that may exist if the receiver is preoccupied with work and therefore not able to concentrate on the sender's message.

Reference no: EM13701661

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