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Directions:  this   activity   will   test  your  understanding  of  Boolean  operators.  IN  part  one, you will enter  the  correct  Boolean  operators  into a  search   statement. In part  2,  you  will demonstrate  on  understanding  of  how each Boolean  operators  affects  a  search   statement.

part  1   

type    the  Boolean   operator  (and, or or  not)  that  best fits in the search  statement  to  satisfy  the  search   criterion  stated.

1. find   information  on pollution  in the  Chesapeake  Bay. "Chesapeake  Bay'' ............pollut

2.find  information  on the effect of plastic  recycling  on the  environment.(recycle, reuse), environment,  plastics

3.find  information on  obedience  training  and adult  dogs. (dog,  canine) ''obedience  training''    puppy.

4. find  information  on  renewable  energy  sources. ''renewable   energy'' (solar,  wind)

5. find  information  on diabetes  in children. (child,  kids)  diabet

part  2

For  the following    descriptions  of  Boolean  operators,  type  the  Boolean  operator  (And,  or  not)  that   the  statement  best  describes.

6.  ..........................connects  the  different   keystrokes  in your  search  by  requiring all  the search terms to be present

7. ....................broadens   your   search   by  providing  alternative  keywords  to be searched, and 

   only   requires  that  at  least  one of the search  terms be presents in the search results that  the

   database  or search  engines  retrieves for  you

8.some  database  use  alternative symbols  in place  of the............connector, such as the plus sign   (+) used  to  exclude  records that contain  certain keywords.

10. a  search        statement  will  retrieve  records  that  have  any  of  these  keyword

Reference no: EM13820786

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