How do magnus et al define a cover for their purposes

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Read the article "Judging Covers". Post your 250-500 word response, using the questions below as a guide.

How do Magnus et al. define a cover for their purposes? How do they define "canonical," and on what does the definition of "canonical" depend? Provide an example of a canonical song you are familiar with that does NOT appear in the reading.

Consider the four categories that Magnus et al. outline. Do you agree with their framework for judging covers? How would you adjust their framework, if at all?

Connect at least two prior readings from the first half of the semester to the way in which Magnus et al. discuss covers. In what ways to different covers make changes to the originals, and in what ways might this change the meanings of the musical works for different listeners?

Bring two songs to class: one cover tune, and the "original" version. If you are not familiar with Jimmy Fallon's classroom instrument cover work with The Roots on The Tonight Show, check out the YouTube Videos posted below.

Magnus, C., Magnus, P. D., & Uidhir, C. M. (2013). Judging covers. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 71(4), 361-370.

Megan Trainor with Jimmy Fallon & The Roots- "All About that Bass" (

Metallica with Jimmy Fallon & The Roots- "Enter Sandman" (

Adele with Jimmy Fallon & The Roots- "Hello" (

Attachment:- magnus_et_al_2013.rar

Reference no: EM131442620

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