How did you identify the theoretical statement in argument
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Slate Leading web-based media outlet offering liberal takes on national and international news http://www.slate.com/

The New York Times, Opinion Page The editorial page of one of the nation's leading newspapers http://www.nytimes.com/pages/opinion/index.html

Fox News, Opinion Page Website of Fox News, providing conservative opinion pieces on national and international news http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/index.html

Philosophical Society.com A reference website that aims to stimulate reflection on various aspects of modern life http://www.philosophicalsociety.com

The Wall Street Journal, Opinion Page Editorial page of The Wall Street Journal offering economic-based critique of national and international issues http://online.wsj.com/public/page/news-opinion-commentary.html

Utilizing the Web Links ABOVE, identify a current argument in the popular media that incorporates or necessitates theoretical statements. Include a copy of the passage in which you locate the argument.

In a 3-page essay, describe the following:

1) How did you identify the theoretical statement in the argument?

2) Do you believe the theoretical statement should be accepted? Why, or why not?

3) If the statement should be accepted, demonstrate how it is immune to first-stage criticism.

4) If the statement should not be accepted, demonstrate how either first-stage or second-stage criticism of the theory undermines its veracity.

This essay will include a thesis statement regarding the author's position on the theory. It will include an introduction that introduces the reader to the issues at stake, and a conclusion that summarizes the author's findings.

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