Goal definition and performance indicators in soft projects

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Part I:

A hypothetical but relevant project like building a house.

A. Produce a PROJECT CHARTER, using the template herein (38 marks)-Expand 3 to 4 pages

- Problem / Opportunity Statement (6 marks): Third to One page.
- Strategic Alignment (6): Third to half page.
- Benefits (6): should starts with increase or decrease , KPIs (6):

• Deliverables (6): Half Pages, High-level Requirement(s) (6): Bullets Points, Exclusions (2)

• Cost, Timeframe, Risks, (0) (no marks - just provides experience of completing a full charter)

B. Produce a REQUIRMENTS TRACEABILITY MATRIX using the template herein, list 4 requirements then trace to features in the final deliverables (8 marks): Half pages

C. Create a WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE using the template herein: (list format, not chart format). (Note: the WBS must contain at least 15 work packages. If you have a large project, provide the top-level elements, and decompose 1,2 or 3 of these elements so that at least 15 work packages are created.

D. Describe a possible SCOPE CHANGE requested by the sponsor. Fully evaluate the requested change. Produce and explain the revised sections of WBS, assuming that the change is accepted


CASE STUDY: "Goal Definition and Performance Indicators in Soft Projects"

Part B can be undertaken as a GROUP assignment (in groups of 2 or 3)

In answering the case study, make any necessary but reasonable assumptions. Support any answers wil direct reference to the text in the case study

1. What are the:
• Deliverable(s ),
• benefits (4). And suggest one suitable KPI for one of the benefits
• strategic alignment

2. Describe one specific project planning problem encountered in this project, and how it may have been avoided or better managed.

3. Describe one specific example of good project planning in the project.

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Reference no: EM13703884

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