Give the who definition of rehabilitation

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(a) Distinguish between-

(i) Occupational diseases and diseases which are not of occupational origin

(ii) Occupational diseases and work related diseases

(b) Give the definition of occupational accident

(c) Explain the difficulties of giving a precise definition of occupational disease as compared to a definition for occupational accident

(d) What methods are used to overcome the difficulties of a precise definition for the assessment of incapacities due to occupational disease?

(e) Suggest a definition of occupational disease


(a) Organisation and functioning of medical boards and of the Injuries Committee in public health institutions

(b) Give a definition of worker's compensation and explain why it is a no fault system

(c) Historical background of worker's compensation

(d) Brief overview of Ist and 2nd Schedules of the Workmen's Compensation Act


(a) By means of clear definitions and appropriate examples show why the terms "impairment", "disability "and "handicap" are not synonyms

(b) By means of examples, show the different types of handicap that a worker may experience

(c) Explain in detail how an assessment for disability of the hearing apparatus is carried out


(a) Draw a diagram of the different levels of prevention of disabilities during the course of a disease

(b) Explain with the help of examples from the field of occupational health what you understand by "primary prevention" and show why it should be preferred to tertiary prevention

(c) (i) Give the WHO definition of rehabilitation

(ii) Medical rehabilitation


Reference no: EM132283

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