What do you understand by workers compensation

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Disability after accidents at work and compensation

(a) Methods of evaluation of injuries for compensation after occupational accidents

(b) How would you calculate the total incapacity for a worker who sustains three injuries, (having no functional correlation whatsoever with each other), with degrees of incapacity of 50%, 30% and 10% respectively

(c) Another worker sustains an injury with a new incapacity. If he already has a pre-existing incapacity, how would you calculate the final incapacity?


(a) By means of suitable examples, explain the following means of prevention of diseases-

(i) Primary prevention

(ii) Secondary prevention

(iii) Tertiary prevention

(b) Social and vocational rehabilitation for injured workers


(a) What do you understand by Worker's compensation?

(b) Social and economic problems which led to the passage of the first Worker's compensation laws

(c) Explain why worker compensation is considered to be a legal system and not a medical system?


(a) Distinguish between occupational diseases and work related diseases

(b) Describe why it is difficult to give a precise definition of occupational disease

(c) Methods proposed by law makers to make up for the absence of a precise definition of occupational disease

Reference no: EM132281


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