Describe three types of sprinkler systems used in buildings

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a) Explain clearly the elements of the fire triangle and how they fit with each other

b) Describe the various stages of combustion

c) Explain, with examples, how fire could be put off

d) Explain clearly, using examples, the various classes of fire and the recommended extinguishing medium prefer in each case

e) Describe how exothermic and endothermic reactions take place


a) Outline 5 (FIVE) common causes of fire

b) List 4 (FOUR) sources of ignition that should be considered when storing and using flammable solvents

c) Explain the dangers associated with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)

d) With respect to the handling of flammable solvents in a workshop, outline types of inadequate working practices that could increase the risk of a fire or explosion


a) What are the benefits of undertaking regular fire drills in the workplace?

b) Explain the principles and general requirements of "means of escape"?

c) State the factors that are to be considered when planning evacuation procedures for disabled persons

d) Give reasons why the following should be provided at a workplace

  • Emergency lighting
  • Escape route sign


a) Outline suitable locations where portable fire extinguisher should be sited on a fire escape route

b) Outline suitable arrangements for the inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers involved in the workplace

c) Outline 5 (FIVE) structural measures that can help to prevent the spread of fire and smoke


Fixed fire fighting systems play an important role in minimizing the spread of fire and subsequent damage caused

a) Describe 3 (THREE) types of sprinkler systems used in buildings

b) Give 6 (SIX) reasons why a sprinkler systems may be ineffective

c) Outline 3 (THREE) advantages and 4 (FOUR) advantages of using hose reels as a means of extinguishing fires

d) What are the main factors to consider in the siting of hose reels?

Reference no: EM132199


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