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Please answer one of the following two questions.

Question #1

1. Explain the general message of this Surah.

2. Explain this Surah line by line using Islamic terms, practices, and beliefs.? Make sure you explain what is the Straight Path.

"In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the Worlds

The Master of the Day of Judgment.

Thee only to we serve, and to Thee only ?do we pray for aid.

Guide us on the Straight Path,

the path of those whom thou has blessed,

not of those ?against whom ?Thou are wrathful,

nor of those who go astray."


Question #2

1.  Why do you think your text states that a deeper understanding of Islam is imperative for everyone?

2. On March 10, CNN claimed that "Donald Trump is America's worst Islamophobe."

a. Provide 2 examples of how Donald Trump either misrepresents Islam or does not promote the ideal of this class that we are all "inextricably interconnected and inter-dependent... and the goal of [the text] is to create a culture of genuine inclusiveness and pluralism". 

b. Explain why.

3. Provide an example of a negatively viewed action performed by someone/group claiming they are doing it in the name of Allah or for Islam?

a. How do these actions go against the teachings of Islam?

b. Explain why you think the perpetrators believe they are honoring Islam and Allah?

Reference no: EM131120011

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