From formal appraisal to informal feedback and development

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Write 3-4 paragraphs describing your assessment of both sides of the following situation, and your recommendation:

SIDE ONE: You are a 45-year-old passenger airline pilot whose take-home pay will drop by 15 percent and whose health insurance will increase by 20 percent due to budget cuts. Although making more than six figures a year, you feel that being asked to pay for things that can''t be controlled is unfair.

SIDE TWO: You are an airline executive who is expected to defend the airline''s position. What would you say to the airline pilot, and why.

Assignment - Case Study - From Formal Appraisal to Informal Feedback and Development

Customer-Driven HR Case 7.5, page 235 (remember to find the page listing on the page in the e-book, not what is listed in the page number box at the top left of the page).

From Formal Appraisal to Informal Feedback and Development: The Power of Coaching.

You are expected to make a thorough analysis based on the information provided in this case study. Length is dependent on the quality of answers. You must use at least one outside source from a peer-reviewed journal. this can come from ProQuest or Google Scholar. APA is required.

Reference no: EM131168298

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