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Formal Expository or Persuasive Paper: You will choose a topic that is related to some area of sanity across the ages, review documented research sources, and develop a double-spaced, 11-12 point font, (Times New Roman instead of Courier or Courier New) 5 (at least) full-page paper (not counting references or pages other than text) explaining the findings of your research sources.

This paper will be worth 100 points total - 50 the first time you turn it in, and 50 the second time.

You will locate articles/books that deals with some topic related to "Sanity across the Ages." This topic may or may not be something we discuss in class. It is simply something of interest to you, that is related to sanity and/or psychology in some meaningful way, that you may have had a question about and just want to know more. Psychology and sanity are very broad areas and that means you have lots of interesting topics to choose from. Almost ANY topic will work.

Some broad areas that would be suitable in which to find a topic:

Theories of personality - works of Freud, for example                       Psychological Testing

Madness/Insanity in literature/art/music                                               Psychological Disorders

Famous people considered Insane                                           History of Sanity

Times/Eras reflecting possible insanity (war, social crises, etc.)

The topic SHOULD BE DISCUSSED with the instructor, in order to make sure it works.

You will need to locate at least 8 articles/books on your topic. They should include enough substance to review and incorporate into a 5 page paper. At least 5 of 8 sources should be from after 2005. Information can also come from internet sources or popular magazines, but they should not be your main source of information and won't count as your 8 sources (they have to be extra).

  • The articles/books will come from:
  • Any of the psychology-related journals in the library (such as Developmental Psychology, Child Development, and Human Development) and/or from
  • The databases Psycinfo and/or Psycarticles.
  • If you are unsure if your source works, you need to check with the instructor.
  • You'll cite your reference(s) using American Psychological Association (APA) style.

A Basic Example:

Lastname, F., Lastname, P. M., & Lastname, C. (Year). Title of article with only first word capitalized.

Name Of Journal, Volume Number,  page number-page number.

So, for example......

Johnson, F., Randolph, P. M., & Saunders, C. (2007). Maternal and infant bonding and first-year of life

outcomes. Child and Adolescent Development, 22, 314-321.

  • Grammar and spelling will be counted.

Reference no: EM13844435

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