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A bank teller had 42 coins in her cash drawer. The coins are nickels, dimes, and quarters. There is an equal number of nickels and dimes and the coins worth $4.55. Find thr number of each coin.

Reference no: EM131243939

How many students are taking math

In a group of 97 students, the number taking English is twice the number taking math. Fifty-three students take exactly one of these subjects and 15 are taking neither cours

Determine the area between the curves

A stock analyst plots the price per share of a certain stock as a function of time and finds that it can be modeled by the function S(t)=25-5√10t where t is the time (in y

Determining the coordinates of the point of intersection

Solve the given systems by sketching the lines represented by each equation in the system, then determining the coordinates of the point of intersection. Each of these probl

Important information about probability -random selection

Important information about Probability : Random Selection, A man has been guessing colors of cards drawn from a standard deck of cards. During the first 50 draws he kept tr

Organizational culture and diversity

Discuss the single most significant lesson learned in this course that relates to leadership and management or organizational culture and diversity. Discuss the reasons why

The monthly sales at an import store

The monthly sales at an import store are currently $10,000 but are expected to be declining at the rate of S'(t) = -10t^(2/5) dollars per month t months from now. The store is

How large a random sample is required to estimate p

A town official wants to estimate the proportion p of voters who favor the granting of a variance so that a builder can construct a health spa in a residential area. How lar

Represent the total area of the square

The other piece will be bent into the shape of a circle. Let A represent the total area of the square and the circle. What is the circumference of the circle when A is a min


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