Find the pressure at the forward and rear corners along the

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1.A closed box with horizontal base 6m x 6m and height of 2m is half-filled with water and is accelerated Ax=4.9 m/sec^2 and Ay=-2.4 m/sec. find the pressure at the forward and rear corners along the bottom.

2.A piece of plastic 1m by 1m by .25m, specific gravity=.62, floats in water with a 400N load on it. The volume of plastic submerged, in m^3 is : (a) .041; (b) .155; (c) .166; (d) .196; (e) none of these answers.

Please show work.

3.a 33-year record of peak annual flow rates was subjected to a frequency analysis. the median value is defined as the mid value in the table of rank-ordered magnitudes estimate the following

1-the probability that,for a 2-years period, the peak flow rate will equal or exceed the median value in the second year but not in the first.

2-the probability that the peak flow rates in both of two consecutive years will equal or exceed the median value.

Reference no: EM13543405

Draw the flow net for the steady state seepage flow

Draw the flow net for the steady state seepage flow which occurs under this wall. From the flow net determine the distribution of water pressure on the side AB of the wall a

Determine the rise in liquid level for oil water system

The density of oil is 0.7 g/cc, the density of water is 1.0 g/cc, the radius of capilary is 0.008 cm, the contact angle through water is 58, the interfacial tension is 50 dy

Determine its speed and acceleration at the instant

The motorcycle is traveling at 1 m/s when it is at A at the bottom of the ramp. If the speed is then increased at v=0.1 m/s^2, determine its speed and acceleration at the inst

What is maximum acceleration from rest for car with engine

The car weights 2450 lb, the mechanical efficiency of the drivetrain is 90%, and the wheel radius is 14 inches. The base engine develops 200 ft-lb of torque, and a modified

What is the mixed liquor suspended solids concentration

An activated sludge system treats 1500 m3/day of raw wastewater with a BOD of 250 mg/L. The reactor volume is 375 m3. The kinetic parameters were determined to be: x = 3 day

Determine the required diameter

The elements at B, C, D. and E are held in position with retaining rings and keys in profile keyseats. The shaft is to be of uniform diameter, except at its ends, where the

Calculate the concentration of 137 cs in cows milk

After the Chernobyl accident, the concentration of 137Cs in milk was proportional to the concentration of 137Cs in the glass that cow consumed. The concentration in the gras

Check the shear resistance of the beam use asd design method

The beam is loaded with a concentrated live load of 10 kips at the center of its span, in addition to its own weight.. The dead load includes the beam weight. The steel is A


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