Find the pressure at the forward and rear corners along the
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1.A closed box with horizontal base 6m x 6m and height of 2m is half-filled with water and is accelerated Ax=4.9 m/sec^2 and Ay=-2.4 m/sec. find the pressure at the forward and rear corners along the bottom.

2.A piece of plastic 1m by 1m by .25m, specific gravity=.62, floats in water with a 400N load on it. The volume of plastic submerged, in m^3 is : (a) .041; (b) .155; (c) .166; (d) .196; (e) none of these answers.

Please show work.

3.a 33-year record of peak annual flow rates was subjected to a frequency analysis. the median value is defined as the mid value in the table of rank-ordered magnitudes estimate the following

1-the probability that,for a 2-years period, the peak flow rate will equal or exceed the median value in the second year but not in the first.

2-the probability that the peak flow rates in both of two consecutive years will equal or exceed the median value.

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