Find the maximum speed of the train on a circular path

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The distance between two rails is 1.5m. The centre of gravity of the train at a height of 2m from the ground. Find the maximum speed of the train on a circular path of radius 120m.

Reference no: EM13848520

Write the equation for a circle and construct its graph

How to write the equation for a circle and construct its graph given the coordinates of the circle's center and its radius.There are many real-world applications involving cir

How many reflections will light make before exiting hall

Two 3.0 meter-tall planar mirrors are placed facing and parallel to each other 0.75 m apart. If a ray of light just passes the bottom edge of one mirror and strikes the othe

What is the minimum cost

The marginal cost C(x) of manufacturing x cell phones is 2 C ( x) = 5 x - 200 x + 4000 . How many cell phones should be manufactured to minimize cost? What is the minimum co

How many textbooks of each type were sold

A textbook store sold a combined total of 417 history and chemistry textbooks in a week. The number of chemistry textbooks sold was 49 less than the number of history textbo

Nonempty set of real numbers

Let A be a nonempty set of real numbers. Prove that A is bounded in the sense of 1.3.1 if and only if there exists a positive real number K such that |x|

What is the speed of the dragster at this point

A second camera filming the dragster is located on the starting line 120 ft away from the dragster at the start of the race. How fast is this camera turning 2 s after the s

Distance between the ground and the point

A 22 -foot extension ladder leaning against a building makes a 68.7 degrees angle with the ground. How far up the building does the ladder touch? What is the distance bet

Organizations and communities they serve

Think about Greenleaf's principles of servant leadership and what you have learned about the biblical foundation of servant leadership. Identify specific principles of serva


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