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A set of data items is normally distributed with a mean of 23 and a standard deviation of 5.7. Find the data value in the distribution that corresponds to each of the following z-scores. Round your answers to the nearest tenth.

(a) z = -1.3

(b) z = 2.45

Reference no: EM132191896

Identify variable to find density of ferromagnetic artifacts

For this purpose, a random sample of 55 plots, each of size 100 square meters, is used. The number of ferromagnetic artifacts for each plot is determined.

Testing hypotheses by the excel

There are four auto body shops in a community and all claim to promptly serve customers. To check if there is any difference in service customers are randomly selected from

How the experimental design can be improved

As a group, smokers tend to be somewhat older than nonsmokers, would the scientist be justified in her conclusion? Explain how the experimental design can be improved so

Probability pregancy will last between given number of days

The length of human pergnancies is aprox normally distibuted with a mean of 266 days and a standard devation of 16 days what is the probability the pregancy will last betwee

How principal has decided to give award to any student

High principal has decided to give an award to any student who scores in the top 10% of statewide scores. How high should a student score be to win this award? Give your ans

Comment on the length of the confidence interval

In given Exercise, the length of the confidence interval for µ is 257.6 - 200.7 = 56.9 and the length based on the trimmed mean is 244.9 - 196.7 = 48.2. Comment on why the l

You cant prove the null by not rejecting it

Debate if "failing to reject the null" is the same as "accepting the null." Support your position with examples of acceptance or rejection of the null. Next, give your opini

Werner herzog the director of the film

1. Werner Herzog, the director of the film, whose voice you hear as the narrator, says at one point that "we are locked in history, and they [the Paleolithic painters who di


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