Find levels resulting tree have if key compression is used

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Assume that you have just built a dense B+ tree index using Alternative (2) on a heap file containing 20,000 records. The key field for this B+ tree index is a 40-byte string, and it is a candidate key. Pointers (i.e., record ids and page ids) are (at most) 10-byte values. The size of one disk page is 1000 bytes. The index was built in a bottom-up fashion using the bulk-loading algorithm, and the nodes at each level were filled up as much as possible.

1. How many levels does the resulting tree have?
2. For each level of the tree, how many nodes are at that level?
3. How many levels would the resulting tree have if key compression is used and it reduces the average size of each key in an entry to 10 bytes?
4. How many levels would the resulting tree have without key compression but with all pages 70 percent full?

Reference no: EM1371876

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