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Q1) Assume that a cellular network operator has 600 kHz of spectrum each for the uplink and downlink. With 30 kHz channels an AMPS---like FDMA, and a reuse cluster size of K = 4, determine how many users a cell can support for a 5% call---blocking rate. Assume that each user produces 35mE of load in the busy hour.

Reference no: EM1344368

What is an intranet

What is an intranet. Give specific examples of benefits for firms that set up their own intranets. How does a computer virus work. What can individuals and organizational com

Design type of lan-windows server network operating system

It has already decided to use the Windows Server 2003 network operating system. What type of LAN will your team design for this company?

Build a chat programme using socket level programming

NET202 Assignment: Network Programming. Build a chat programme using socket level programming. This can be done at various levels of sophistication and the marks available at

Cyber law or internet law

The director of your department has requested that you conduct some research on the topic of cyber law or Internet law. He has asked you to draft a memo including the followin

Explain the concepts of information systems security

The CIO has seen reports of malicious activity being on the rise and has become extremely concerned with the protection of the intellectual property and highly sensitive dat

Describe execution of protocol where given phenomenon occurs

Describe an execution of the protocol where this phenomenon occurs. Is it possible to design a protocol in which the sender generates an error report within a bounded time

How can these be used to compare

Using the Internet, search for commercial IDPS systems. What classification systems and descriptions are used? How can these be used to compare the features and components o

Determine the correct subnet mask for network

Router on one of the subnets will connect network to Internet. All computers on network will require access to the Internet. Determine the correct subnet mask for network?


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