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Q1) The need to manage technical interfaces and to correct incompatibilities is likely to create technical conflicts during the ________ phase of the project lifecycle.

i) Project formation
ii) Project buildup
iii) Main program
iv) Project phase out

Q2) ________ problems are comparatively rare during project phase-out because most have been solved or bypassed earlier.

i) Resource
ii) Schedule
iii) Authority
iv) Technical

Q3) Personality conflicts during project phase-out are often caused by ________.

i) Pressure to complete the project
ii) Anxiety about leaving the project
iii) Pressure to complete the project and anxiety about leaving the project
iv) Distribution of expenses charged to the project

Q4) Identify the category of conflict that is not included in the categories used by Thamhain and Wilemon in their study of project conflict.

i) Differences about goal/expectations
ii) Uncertainty about authority
iii) Interpersonal problems
iv) discipline/problem-orientation differences

Reference no: EM1339481

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