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Failure in Transfer Post Training - We are looking to explain why employees fail to implement at work what they have learned during a training course or workshop and what are the obstacles they face on 3 levels from Management, direct supervisor or manager and employees themselves

Project Layout

1- Cover page

2- Table of content

3- Executive Summary about the project

4- Introduction:
a. Talk about Post Training Transfer in HR
b. Research Question: why Employees face transfer failures post training?

5- Literature Review:
a. Define Training
b. Process of Training
c. Types of Training Transfer
d. Causes of Failures post training
e. Role of the organization ,HR, Manager and employee
f. Issues of implementing learned training
g. Sample of experiences specifically in government sector (if possible in Gulf Countries or UAE

6- How to overcome these issues and Recommendations

7- Conclusion

8- References page

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Reference no: EM13874920

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