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Essay #1 - Poetry

In the "Words and Music: An Album" section of our textbook, we read poetry that was or could be set to music. Music and poetry share many links. The lyrics of song reach out to us in settings of religion, cinema, theater, concerts, high school dances, dating, exercising, and even daily life. Sometimes we learn from the lyrics and sometimes we just find lyrics that explain what is happening in our world.

For this first essay, consider the impact of music, specifically lyrical, in your life. Think about the songs that have the most meaning for you. Try to come up with the "soundtrack of your life". In the first part of this essay, write a couple of sentences about each of the songs. You might list them in order of importance to you or maybe chronologically (to your age or the date of the song) or perhaps you can list them categorically or really you can list them anyway you choose, just pick a method and stick with it.

In part two of your essay, select one song (again - one that has lyrics) and analyze the lyrics of this song. Explicate or analyze the chorus and the refrain - all of the parts found in the lyrics. Bring in outside commentary you find through research on the song/band/artist/writer. Do a thorough job of covering everything from the kind of verse (Is it rhymed? What pattern? Etc.) to the lesser-known footnotes you can find (Is it an original or a cover? Who originally sang the song or who was supposed to? Was it an accidental hit?). Get a quote. You may comment on the popularity of the song or the obscurity of the song or the history or controversy - basically, anything related to the song is fair game.

In part three of your essay, describe the reason(s) this song has so much meaning for you. Go beyond the sentence or two in the first part and really get detailed as to why this song is so powerful in your life. Does it invoke certain feelings? Memories? Does the tune help? Rhythmic beat? The singer? Do certain friends or family or loved ones (or ex-loved ones) come to mind when you hear this song? If possible, you can interview them and get a quote to go with your research. Explain why this song might be your favorite of all time or even your own personal anthem.

The flip side? Some may not have musical favorites. That is fine. Do the same things as above but do each part with music you loathe.Make a list of the 8 - 10 worst songs you've heard, pick a singular song you think is the worst overall and explicate it, and then go into detail as to why, personally, this song is the worst one you've ever heard (basically using the three-part essay described above).

This assignment should be between 800 - 1100 words.

You must incorporate at least 3 outside sources using MLA format (use your handbook).

Take advantage of the Writing Center in Witherspoon or the Online Writing Lab.

Your Name and STU#


Dr. Ernest Enchelmayer

Date the paper is due

Centered Title

Indent and begin your essay. Notice this example is all double-spaced. This is for you to follow. In the upper right-hand corner, please insert the page number (on each page).
In addition, please follow the formatting requirements from the first essay. They are as follows: Have a purpose (a clear thesis) and write to that purpose. Organize your thoughts; don't randomly put down ideas/quotes and think that just because they're in paragraph form that they make a paragraph. Use Standard American Edited English (for the most part) and slang only when/where it's appropriate. Type your essays using Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, or Arial fonts and employing 12-pt. pitch. Essays are typed on one side of the sheet of paper with 1-inch margins on each side (note: Word is set with 1.25" margins on left and right so you'll have to change those). Make sure your essay has a title that is appropriate. Double-space the entire paper (no single-spacing anywhere, no triple-spacing anywhere). If you incorporate pictures, graphs, scans, etc., these images do not take the place of word count. Print one copy of your essay for me. Post one copy of your essay on the Discussion Board within Blackboard.

Reference no: EM131417467

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