Explain ways to use technology for effective teaching

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Consider ways to use technology for effective teaching. Recommend at least two ways you use or plan to use technology with your students. Provide a rationale to support your response.

Reference no: EM13792585

Discuss about the arxist criticism and gender criticism etc.

LCS 121:Discuss about the topics given : arxist criticism, gender criticism, reader-response criticism, and psychoanalytic criticism.For example, your paper might discuss ge

A few questions about fragments

A few questions about fragments. Would, "Or so they tell me," as well as, "Of course she did," both be fragments? They both have a subject and a verb, but the words before the

Identify issue that addressed in video peter singers ethics

Identify the issue that is addressed in the video Peter Singer's Ethics and the conclusion that is presented. Identify the premises that are given in support of that conclusio

How internet has changed the way we access and discuss films

For example, think of how CGI, animation, and other advances in digital technology have changed the ways in which stories are told on film. Then, consider how the Internet h

Interactivity on the internet

Interactivity on the Internet: Who Are You Talking to? "But despite the universality of URLs, we often forget that they're not just a handy way to address network resources. T

Report for new automatic bottle-cap applying machine

Prepare a progress report on our proposal to do research of designing, installing and building a new automatic bottle-cap applying machine to replace our present manual meth

Describe the concrete aspects of the music

describe the concrete aspects of the music as best as you can- who is playing, what instruments are playing, what songs are they playing, what style of jazz, etc... I also w

Define and articulate a specific issue

Define and articulate a specific issue from the argument presented. Arguing a Position/Argument reading - Create a persuasive argument with a clear stance on this topic and it


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