Explain the tests that can be performed with an emulator

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Question 1 :One means to be more effective tester is to leverage other people , even if they are not professional testers. Elaborate on different methods you might use to share testing responsibilities with others.

Question 2 :What are the benefits accrued from automating the software testing process for a web site?

Question 3 :In website testing, give two examples for techniques would be considered black box testing and two techniques that would be considered white box testing

Question 4 :Name the areas that you need to consider when performing configuration and compatability testing for web sites

Question 5 :Frames used to be a common format for web sites, but are no longer used as much. Dicuss some of the issues that frames techniques have and how they might be tested

Question 6 :Some web pages have dynamic content. Describe two sites that have a lot of dynamic content and discuss what test that you might have to use to test this type of content

Question 7 :Explain the main differences between mobile app, mobile web app, and mobile hardware testing

Question 8 :Explain the tests that can be performed with an emulator and those that need to be tested on the actual mobile device

Question 9 :Explain the role of the transcoder in mobile activity and discuss how you might test various alternatives

Question 10 :Describe tests that you might do on a mobile app that would not be done on a web app .

Reference no: EM131295341

Distinguish between packet switching and circuit switching

Distinguish between packet switching and circuit switching: Give three advantages and three disadvantages of each one and discuss four advantages of layering as seen in the TC

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Use Wireshark tool to capture packets when you download Lecture 1 from the COIT20229 Course Webpage. Before you undertake this task, you should have Wireshark installed in y

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Discuss performance benefits relative to network design, system placement, and configuration. Describe a situation in which you had to modify the logical design of your enviro

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List the benefits of the solution. Ensure that this solution will eliminate all interoffice toll charges. The design and the implemented solution should not adversely affect

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What are the risks associated with networked machines

How can tools such as Wireshark help you identify problems with security, causes of low bandwidth - carefully outline at least 5 examples of problems faced and describe how

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What possible IEEE 802.11 amendments could be used for the new system? What are the pros and cons of each amendment? Choose an amendment to implement and explain your choice.

Network configuration including hardware and software

This assignment will bring together concepts and skills you learn in the course into a cohesive project. Select one of the choices below to focus on. Characteristics to addr


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