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Tamika is a family preservation officer and is assigned to the Thompson family due to son Shane''s behavioral problems. One day Tamika arrives and Shane''s dad says that he has improved his behavior however Shane arrives shortly with a bruise on his face caused by his dad.

Also, Shane''s sister Melissa informs Tamika that she has a 19 year old boyfriend and she is 15. Discuss the next steps Tamika should take in the case.

Explain the reasoning for your choices.Identify the various ethical dilemmas presented in this scenario.

Discuss the specific NOHS Standards that would apply in this situation.

Explore any legal issues that might be raised by this situation regarding any state or federal laws. How might this information guide Tamika's actions?

Describe and discuss the mandatory reporting laws in your state. If Tamika lived in your state, would she be required to take any particular action?

If you were Tamika's supervisor, what direction might you provide for her? How might her actions impact you?

Finally, discuss strategies to minimize the likelihood of such a relationship arising in your practice.

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