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1. It may come as a surprise, but the number of bits needed to store text is much less than that required to store its spoken equivalent. Can you explain the reason for this statement?

2. Let a discrete random variable X assume values in the set {x1, x2, ¼, xn}. Show that the entropy of X satisfies the inequality

H (x ) £ log n

and with equality if, and only if, the probability pi = 1/n for all i.

Reference no: EM131281937

What are the three main committees of the board of directors

What do you think are the most important provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?- What are the three main committees of the board of directors? How can they interact to discipli

Is there case for litigation involving your neighbor

Your neighbor’s English bulldog, Cedric, is very friendly, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. Last Monday, the substitute mail carrier met Cedric as he was approachin

How would you advise mike and iris to proceed with worksheet

If you could have spoken to Mike Edwards before he distributed the asset valuation worksheets, what advice would you have given him to make the consolidation process easier?

Explain and describe a mitigating strategy

Briefly explain and describe a mitigating strategy for the risks below- Over budgeting/excessive spending/lack of financial support during campaign.

How would you identify a key stakeholder

How would you identify a key stakeholder? Then, once you have identified that key stakeholder, how would you determine which form of communication to use? Can (and should) y

How does multitasking confuse the resource availability

MGMT 404- How does multitasking confuse the resource availability of project team personnel? In modern organizations, it is impossible to eliminate multitasking for the averag

How effective project management could have helped

Critically analyse the case you have selected in order to detail the underlying reasons for the "perceived failures" in the project. Ensure that you make appropriate referen

Determining the annual interest rate

Hersh inherits $50,000 from his grandfather. He receives the money on January 1 and immediately invests $25,000 in General Motors bonds that pay 8% annual interest and $25,0


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