Explain the origin and composition of the atmosphere

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Milestone One allows you to apply the new information you learned in Modules One and Two about the atmosphere.

This assignment will give you a chance to begin gathering all the visuals and other elements you will need for your final project.

You should demonstrate that you understand course concepts and know how to present the information in an engaging way. Also, this assignment allows you to familiarize yourself with PowerPoint.

Prompt: Create a draft PowerPoint presentation relative to the final project that incorporates the Basic Elements of the Atmosphere section and introduces the composition and structure of the atmosphere, solar radiation, the seasons and latitudinal temperature variations, the global energy balance, and energy as a source of atmospheric change.

Be sure to include detailed speaker's notes and appropriate graphs, charts, figures, pictures, or other relevant media to support your ideas on the following topics:

• Explain the origin and composition (permanent and variable gases) of the atmosphere and the basic (large-scale) changes in composition over time. Include human contributions to recent composition change.

• Diagram the general energy balance of the Earth atmosphere system. Be sure to include details of the fate of incoming solar radiation and outgoing terrestrial radiation and how gains and losses in atmospheric energy contribute to Earth's long-term energy balance.

• Interpret the role of energy in atmospheric processes such as temperature (continent/oceans), pressure, and wind variations, providing examples.

Guidelines for Submission: Your assignment must be submitted as 3-4 PowerPoint slides (or similar presentation method) with 12-point Times New Roman font and all sources appropriately cited.

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Reference no: EM13983265

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