Explain ssl-based vpns and client-based vpns

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Know Your VPN Building Blocks" Please respond to the following:

· Analyze the basic protocols involved in establishing a site-to-site VPN connection between two or more sites.

· Compare and contrast the differences between SSL-based VPNs and client-based VPNs. Describe cost benefits, ease of use, ease of management, ease of implementation, and scalability of each.


Security at the IP " Please respond to the following:

· Examine the security characteristics of both IPv4, which is most prevalent in today's networks, and IPv6, which is up and coming. State and explain the major shortcomings of IPv4 that are now fixed or improved in IPv6.

· Address Translation is a creative way to add yet another layer of security for networks. Explain network address translation (NAT) and port address translation (PAT). Describe at least two separate scenarios in which you would use NAT and PAT respectively. Explain how it makes your network more secure.

Reference no: EM13778681

Develop a personal definition of middleware

Diagram middleware using a variety of resources (minimum of three), depicting four different types captioned by their definitions. Develop a personal definition of middleware

What size of packet result in last bit being transmitted

What size of packet will result in the last bit being transmitted just as the first bit of the packet arrives at the "far end" of the cable?

Concert poster

While this project is a design assignment, you may use any Adobe Creative Suite software or combinations thereof to produce it, as long as the final art is "press ready" as

About business plan - The Voice over IP Project must meet

As the school wishes to install handsets in each classroom, the current PBX does not have the handset capacity. This combined with the age of the current PBX, it has approve

Is the given an simd or an mimd system

The workers then fly off in different directions looking for marigolds. Is this an SIMD or an MIMD system? The NVIDIA Fermi GPU is similar in spirit to one of the architecture

Draw a class diagram for the following situation

We want to keep track of the dependents of each employee for insurance purposes. We keep each dependent's first name, sex, birth dale, and relationship to the employee."

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of star topologies

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of star, bus, and mesh physical topologies. Provide real examples of each type. Explain why the OSI model is better than the TCP/IP mo

List three practical functions of the osi model

List three practical functions of the OSI model. List the seven layers of the OSI model, including both layer number and name for each. Describe the three modes of communicati


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