Explain ssl-based vpns and client-based vpns

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Know Your VPN Building Blocks" Please respond to the following:

· Analyze the basic protocols involved in establishing a site-to-site VPN connection between two or more sites.

· Compare and contrast the differences between SSL-based VPNs and client-based VPNs. Describe cost benefits, ease of use, ease of management, ease of implementation, and scalability of each.


Security at the IP " Please respond to the following:

· Examine the security characteristics of both IPv4, which is most prevalent in today's networks, and IPv6, which is up and coming. State and explain the major shortcomings of IPv4 that are now fixed or improved in IPv6.

· Address Translation is a creative way to add yet another layer of security for networks. Explain network address translation (NAT) and port address translation (PAT). Describe at least two separate scenarios in which you would use NAT and PAT respectively. Explain how it makes your network more secure.

Reference no: EM13778681

Completed ip addressing table

XUMUC has the WAN links in place to the new locations in the Houston Region.  XUMUC currently has 2 other Regions San Francisco and Denver. Completed IP addressing table

Benefits of hyper v discussion

Imagine you are a network administrator and you are proposing the implementation of Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V to replace the existing VMware vSphere infrastructure ut

What are the most important aspects to monitor your servers

We can all agree that it's important to monitor your servers' performance over time. But, what are the most important aspects to monitor and how often? As a network administra

Wireless access points in your company''s warehouse

As the Project Manager, you have been assigned a project to deploy ten (10) wireless access points in your company's warehouse and break room within the next ninety (90) d

Implementable wlan design solution for office

Give a most implementable WLAN design solution for office with 20 wireless employees, using WLAN capable laptops to access email, Internet, small accounting applications.

Create an access list that will allow your pptp

Your home IP address is Your server is located at and the PPTP service uses TCP 1723. create an access list that will allow your PPTP connection

Explain a tcp connection between host a and host b

Is it possible for an application to enjoy reliable data transfer even when the application runs over UDP? If so, please be specific in your answer of how this takes place.

Create a client and a server that communicate message queues

Lab 2 will require you to create a client and a server that communicate over either message queues, sockets, or a well known fifo. The data passed will be a simple request/res


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