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Explain Communication coaching in the workplace- Practical ideas

Describe the communication privacy policies at your workplace, such as for e-mail and telephone use. How do the policies align to the best practices discussed in the readings? Do you feel these policies are ethical? Why?

What strategies do you follow to maintain a caring, sensitive tone, even when writing a negative message? Provide an example by writing a short e-mail message to a coworker who has requested assistance with a project not on your priority list. Assume you are already overwhelmed with your own work.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a presenter? Based on the readings, what are some techniques you may follow to improve your oral presentation skills?

What are three ways the writing style used in reports differs from the styles of other types of business communication? Provide examples of situations in which it may be necessary for you to communicate information in a report instead of a business letter. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the differences between the two?

Reference no: EM1334267

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