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Assignment - An assignment on your own organization, or an organization with which you are familiar

1. Write a Project Initiation Document (PID) seeking approval from Senior Management, for a significant Project which you wish to initiate and manage to completion. Identify and position the main stakeholders of your project and outline briefly how you will 'manage' them?

2. Using Project Management Software / One Page Project Manager Template, develop a detailed Project Plan, identifying (as a minimum) activities, dependencies, time scales and resources which need to be considered. You should also develop detailed costings, as far as you are able, using an Excel spreadsheet or other software. These can be presented electronically only, and do not require further explanation. They should make sense without explanation.

Explain what are the critical path(s) and are there any areas of 'slack' in your plan?

Discuss specifically how you will measure, monitor and control the implementation of your plan.

Consider also any legal and contractual issues which may be relevant to your specific project, and how you will manage them.

3. Identify the potential risks to the implementation of your Project Plan. Assess these risks and plan responses for them. Specify actions that you would take to mitigate some of the risks involved.

4. What do you think would be the critical success factor

5. Critically evaluate the PLC approach to project management that you have undertaken in Tasks 1 to 4, and compare it to a range of other project approaches which are debated in the contemporary project management literature. What is your preferred approach for the management of this project and why?

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    Format: An Individual Management report of maximum 3500 words (Harvard referencing) Criteria: Must be able to demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories and analytical modes and apply them to the assignment that is chosen. More depth is required that mere descriptions of information that you have found during your research. Required to show evidence of research and analysis. Description : Planning an Indian Bridal Fashion Show in Singapore for Singaporean Couple : Location Singapore Expo or Hyatt Hotel Ballroom Items to include - Bridal Wear for Bride & grooms (traditional & non traditional) - Make Up Artists for brides to be - Wedding Decorations for halls to book - Catering Food & drinks for the wedding Any sponsors? Any important invited guest speaker / host to host event?

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