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Instructions for the Final Project



Select one of the following two approaches below for your essay:

Single myth: In this project, you will take one of the myths that we have covered in the course, and examine the myth using 2-4 theoretical approaches to mythology that were covered in Module 1 (feminist, anthropological, Marxist, psychological, archeological). That is, you will be examining one myth from several perspectives.


Single theoretical viewpoint: In this project, you will choose one theoretical approach and show how the myths support that approach. You will also show the consistency that the perspective of this theoretical approach brings to the interpretation of the myths across time and space.

In the essay:

Evaluate how society makes use of myth making. Consider why myths were propagated from generation to generation, and why they are still potent in the present.
You may explore how myths develop alongside a culture - influenced by the changing society, and in turn how the myths alter society


You may examine why myths that seem to explain the creation of humanity, the structure of a particular society, the universe. Examine how this may be happening now - what paradigms / themes/ are resurrected in modern times?

Identify and share to what extent mythology is involved in life today; for instance, what motifs from ancient myth are used, what ideals and values from the myths are reflected in the modern work.

Convey what you have learned and the connections you have made. You must support your own connections with expert opinions (a minimum of 4 outside references). Be sure to give credit to the outside sources even if you do not quote directly! Use proper formatting, either APA or MLA for citations.

Submit it to the Module 6 Final Project assignment in the Dropbox no later than the last day of this Module. If you adhere to all guidelines, you can expect this essay to be at least 5 pages.

Guide to Writing a Final Project Essay:

These are the essential elements that I will be looking for in your essay. Be sure to also refer to the "Instructions for Writing the Final Project" above. You will be constructing your own connections in this essay, but you must include references to at least 4 sources outside the textbook. Further, you must use specific details from the myths to support your statements.

Introduction with thesis statement Choose one of the two approaches (a single myth or a single theoretical approach) and identify it in the thesis statement,

5-6 body paragraphs - Relying on expert sources, develop a consistent treatment of the connection between the perspectives that the theories of mythology offer with the myth(s) that we have covered in the course. Concentrate on connections, providing details from the myth(s) in our textbooks. There are two elements that you are to avoid at all costs: 1, do not retell the story of the myth, and 2, do not explain what the theoretical perspective is. Why? Because both of these are already known and this project is showing what you are bringing new to the table. Consider the impact that a perspective has on how a reader/listener reacts to the myth, and what he or she will therefore take from the myth. Further, look at how the ancient myths thus interact with modern culture. The body paragraphs should be 6-8 sentences long.

Conclusion - Your conclusion will represent a brief (very brief!) summary of the key points of your essay or an overarching justification for your assessment of the connection between myth and theory.

Be sure to include documentation within your text as appropriate, as well as a Works Cited page.


Formatting: MLA or APA

Length: 5-6 pages


Reference no: EM131336968

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