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1. Discuss the concept of perceived value and its importance to consumer behaviour and marketing. Discuss the theory and then give practical examples of how customers perceive various brands and how this impacts on their behaviour.

• Perceived value and its importance to consumers
• Choose 2 or 3 brands and consumer's attitude towards these

2. To evaluate an organization's Strategic Business Units (SBU), the Boston Consulting Group developed a portfolio performance framework.

• Take 2 to 3 companies and explain how these companies have been using this model

3. Segmentation, targeting and positioning: Identify 2 to 3 brands in one of the following industries and apply how the companies have been using these concepts of Segmentation, Target Market and Positioning:

- fashion for men/women
- Personal care products (shampoo, shavers etc.)
- beauty Products
- furniture
- beverages
- baby products
- snack foods
- Organic food.

4. Why is it important to do market research and adjust the marketing mix when entering into a foreign market? Explain the theory and then give practical examples of how some companies have already adjusted their marketing mix in foreign markets. Also, explain what advice you would give the marketing team of "Vegemite" - if they wanted to launch this product in a foreign market such as South Africa (or a market of your choice), where people do not know the product/brand.

Write on MM as how companies are reviewing their MM while entering into foreign markets and getting success Or any problems when they do not adjust their MM in overseas markets

5. Packaging, Labelling and Country of Origin has become a very important part of Companies overall marketing strategies. Lately there have been some issues on Labelling in Australia, especially in food industry.

Choose at least 2 to 3 articles on Labelling and Packaging in Australia. What are the issues in labelling and country of origin with some of the companies? Also discuss how Australian government is proposing to make some changes in labelling laws.

6. Ethical issues in Marketing: Ethical issues are becoming concern to many consumers group and government. Identify 2 to 3 articles and discuss what the recent ethical issues in Marketing in Australia are?

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Reference no: EM13730572

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