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1. Assume a data structure is made of an INTEGER of value (131) and another structure made of an IPAddress of value ( and an OCTETSTRING
("UDP"). Using BER, encode the data structure.

2. Given the code 02040000C738, decode it using BER.

Reference no: EM131308403

The technologies used to implement them

Q1: Describe WMANs, the technologies used to implement them, and where they are predominantly used Q2: What should be included in the narrative of a site survey report? Q3: Ex

Research about one erp system

Research about one ERP system (Oracle or SAP) Research also about a company that has successfully implemented an ERP system Can the company quantify the benefits of having ERP

Problem regarding the genetic counseling

Explain Tay-Sachs disease. Imagine you are a genetic counselor working with a couple who have just had a child who is suffering from Tay-Sachs disease. Neither parent has be

Hate speech used in online forums

Have you ever seen hate speech used in online forums, or have you ever been on the receiving end of online hate speech? What did you do as a reaction? Have you ever seen rac

Amusement park programming project

1. Use the Java selection constructs (if and if else). 2. Use the Java iteration constructs (while, do, for). 3. Use Boolean variables and expressions to control iterations. 4

Proof of the correctness of construction

Do so by letting M = (Q, {0, 1}, δ, q0, F) be a DFA accepting A and then specifyclearly-via specifying its components, (Q0, {0, 1}, δ0, q00, F0)-an NFA accepting LA. Youdo n

Ideal vacation spot based on a user name

Please find the sample program in the Solution, that uses Java's built in ArrayList to pick an ideal vacation spot based on a user's name. Update the code below to use the g

Write a few lines of code to create a timer in java

Write a few lines of code to create a timer in Java which fires an ActionEvent every 150 msec. Assume the existence of a TimerEventHandler class which needs to respond to ti


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