Eliminate errors in pronoun use

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Revise the sentences to eliminate errors in pronoun use. - My older brother is an electrician, but I'm not interested in it. -I discovered when I went to sell my old textbooks that they've put out new editions, and nobody wants to buy them. -If the team leader wants to hold a meeting, then they should choose a time that is convenient for everyone.

Reference no: EM13142042

Gene mutation in general causes genetic changes

After all, gene mutation in general causes genetic changes which leads at last to diseases .The three types:- substitution, deletion and insertion- are dangerous abnormal situ

American Airlines Bankruptcy

American Airlines Bankruptcy,  Please write a paper on American Airlines Bankruptcy. 1. Please include a summary of American Airlines and how they came to be. 2. Please discus

Write an essay on topics about health informatics

Please Write as Assessment using effort, accuracy and academic writing. Three topics about Health Informatics, (1) Terminologies & Vocabularies, (2) Business Cases & Change Ma

How specific symbols are used to depict

Write an essay that discusses why and how specific symbols are used to depict one or two of the themes from Unit 2 in a particular way. Your essay should incorporate details

Weigh the relative importance of the industrial and market

an essay apx. 300-450 words on this topic. Weigh the relative importance of the Industrial and Market revolutions in changing the American economy. In what ways was the econom

Write an essay on women health research

Write an Essay on women health research- A background section that briefly discusses the important points on that condition and how men and women differ with respect to the c

Legal impact on healthcare delivery

For this assignment, students will compose an APA-formatted informative paper, a minimum of 7 pages, on the topic of a federal regulation that has an ethical as well as lega

What is free will and do we have it

What is free will and do we have it? In this essay you should define freewill, determinism, and compatibilism. Then, tell me which is valid (they are mutually exclusive conc


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