Eliminate errors in pronoun use

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Revise the sentences to eliminate errors in pronoun use. - My older brother is an electrician, but I'm not interested in it. -I discovered when I went to sell my old textbooks that they've put out new editions, and nobody wants to buy them. -If the team leader wants to hold a meeting, then they should choose a time that is convenient for everyone.

Reference no: EM13142042

Discuss aboriginals work in the fur trade in canada

Students are expected to produce an analytical essay of 6 to 8 pages, which compares two books that explore a theme in Canadian working class history. All students should sele

Health and safety considerations of a phase ii esa

ESA: What are the health and safety considerations of a Phase II ESA? Describe the various levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used to protect workers.

Question regarding the legitimate perspectives

Briefly describe your socio-economic status and describe how, if how, the American Dream is a motivator for more. If it is not, describe why you choose to look at this outsi

Write a persuasive research essay about gun control

Write Persuasive Research Essay about Gun Control. I need a simple persuasive research paper about Gun Control about my point of view if guns should be allowed in public plac

Analyze the economic impact of contracting

Propose how differences in demand and elasticity lead managers to develop various pricing strategies - analyze the economic impact of contracting, governance and organizationa

Write a paper using the cause and effect strategy

For this assignment, you will write a paper using the cause and effect strategy (refer to page 244 in your textbook for suggested topics). Write your essay in a Word documen

Compare the positions of candidates from election of 1912

Compare and contrast the positions of two of the four candidates from the Election of 1912. Use ONLY the documents found in part 2 of The Election of 1912 to support your ar

Write an essay about film revolutionary road

Hum 3710- Write an essay about film Revolutionary Road. Present an argument with thesis that John indeed is such a character or that John is meant to mislead viewers into thi


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